National Viper Event FAQ



Q: My guest just wants to come some of the dinners or activities. Can purchase those ala carte?
A: No, sorry, it’s a package price. Costs are amortized over all the attendees. If your guest doesn’t want to participate in certain activities, there are other optional activities (at their own expense). We will likely arrange informal groups to go to the museums, airboat tours, and city tours.

Q: Can I bring my wife to the dinners and my kid/friend on the cruise(s) using the same credential?
A: Yes. However, dinner attendees will need to show both credentials AND a wristband to attend the dinners, so be sure your spouse gets the wristband if they are coming to dinner.

Q: Can I bring my wife to one dinner and a friend to another dinner using the same credential?
A: No.

Q: May I bring my child?
A: The parties are geared towards adults. Minimum age is 16.

Q: May I bring my guest who requires a wheelchair?
A: You may, but it’s not recommended. Many venues will be difficult to navigate in a wheel chair.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?
A: For the event, no changes or refunds will be accepted after April 1st. Cancellations before April 1st will incur a $30 charge (bank fee passed through). For the hotel, it's subject to their cancellation terms.



Q: Why is the event in May?
A: We chose May for the best chance of good weather. Any earlier, and it’s tough for the northern states to drive down. Any later, and the weather gets hot, and hurricane season starts.

Q: What if it rains?
A: The event goes on, rain or shine. No refunds.

Q: I’ve heard Cajun food is spicy. I can’t eat spicy food. Are all the meals going to be spicy?
A: No. You’ll always have an option for non-spicy food.

Q: Do I need to bring my Viper?
A: It’s not mandatory, but highly recommended. You will be able to access all the activities in a rental car, but you will need to park away from the Vipers. Non-Vipers will not be allowed on the track or in the reserved parking area(s).

Q: Are there special shipping rates to ship my Viper to NVE2?
A: Yes, we will arrange special rates with Passport. You’ll get the best rate if you fill a truck from your area. It’s best to work with your region president to get a group together.

Q: My region wants to sit together. Is there reserved seating at the banquet?
A: No, unfortunately, it’s not practical, since not everyone wants to sit with their region. If we reserve a set number of seats for your region, and some of your members decide to sit with friends from another region because they haven’t seen them in a long time, your seats go unused and the other region will be short. The exception is on French Quarter night, where we encourage regions to make their own reservations so they can reserve a table for exactly the number of people that want to sit together.

Q: I have friends who live in the area. Is there a place they can come down and just see the cars?
A: The garage is open to pedestrian traffic, so they can check out the Vipers when we are at the hotel.



Q: How far is the track from the hotel?
A: About a 20 minute drive.

Q: I’m bringing my track-only Viper. Can I just stay at the track all-3 days and skip the other activities?
A: No. NVE is intended to be a social event, not a track weekend. We need to allow time for everyone to be on the track.

Q: Are we all on the track at the same time?
A: No, 1/3 of the total group will be at any given track day. Track sessions will be divided into run groups based upon experience. You should get about four 20 minute run groups on your track day.

Q: My guest and I both want to drive on the track. Is that possible?
A: Yes. You can share the car during your track session.

Q: If I don’t bring my Viper, are there other things to do at the track?
A: Yes! Go-karting, factory tech sessions, performance driving seminars, Viper race simulator, drag race rides, autocross rides, drifting demos, and road course hot laps from Dodge.

Q: Can one of us go do the go-karts while the other runs on the track?
A: Yes.

Q: Is one of the days an open track day?
A: No.

Q: Is the track open to spectators?
A: Spectators may access the track facility, but only in public areas.



Q: Do I have to stay at the host hotel?
A: No, it’s not required, but it’s recommended, since all cruises and busses depart from the host hotel and that’s where everyone hangs out in the evenings. It saves you having to get up extra early to be at the start, and you’ll need to pay to park at the hotel during events that are at the hotel or are bussed.

Q: Can I come a few days early or stay a couple of days after the event to see more sights?
A: Yes. We have a limited number of rooms available before and after the event. Book early!



Q: Why do I have to pay for parking?
A: As with most big cities, parking is at a premium, and is not included with the hotel room rate, since not everyone has a car. The Hyatt offers valet parking ONLY, at $40/day, or $200 for our 5 day stay. Being Viper owners ourselves, we knew secure Viper parking is almost as important as the room itself, so we negotiated a smokin’ deal with the garage next door. You get garage parking which requires an access card to enter, dedicated floors for Vipers only, VOA-provided security guard monitoring by off-duty cops, ability to self park, and car wash facilities, all for HALF the price of valet parking. And yes, we checked the entrance ramps for Viper clearance.

Q: I’m bringing a rental/family/non-Viper car. May I purchase a Viper parking pass?
A: You may purchase the garage pass, but you will not be allowed to park with Vipers on the Viper-only floors. 

Q: My wife and are bringing two Vipers. How many passes do we need to purchase?
A: You need to purchase two. One for each car.

Q: I’m not staying for the entire event. Can I buy a pass for less than 5 days?
A: Sorry, no. All passes are for 5 days. Logistically, we can’t program the card keys individually.

Q: I’m staying extra days. May I purchase extra days?
A: No, beyond the event days, you will need to pay the normal garage rates, and we will not be providing Viper-only areas, car wash facilities, or security on those days. 

Q: How far is the garage from the hotel?
A: Next door. About half a block. 

Q: I am trailering my Viper. Is there parking for my rig?
A: Yes, trailer parking is at the track. You will need to arrange your own transportation to and from the track.



Q: What is the doorprize?
A: It’s a brand new 2016 Viper. Details to follow.

Q: What is the tax liability on winning the door prize?
A: Tax liability varies by your resident state laws and your income level. Winning value is determined by the price paid for the car and is considered taxable income. Generally, it’s wise to figure on 30-40% of the price for taxes. Our sponsor, Milton Bank, offers financing to cover tax and license, so you can finance the cost if you wish.

Q: What if I don’t want to win the car?
A: If you wish to opt-out of the drawing, simply do not pick up your doorprize ticket on the final night.

Q: Who is eligible to win the door prize car?
A: All paid attendees present at the grand finale dinner are eligible to win. One ticket per person. This is not a raffle, no extra tickets may be purchased, to ensure everyone has the same odds of winning. Adults are responsible for claiming the prize for minors. VOA national officers, sponsors, FCA employees (who are not VOA members) are excluded from the drawing. Region presidents and Directors are eligible. Odds are determined by the number of ticket-holding guests at the final dinner.

Q: Why is this a doorprize and not a raffle?
A: The purpose of the doorprize is to give you one more reason to attend our National Event. It’s not a raffle, and it’s not a revenue generator for the club. It’s a pass-through expense and a perk as something fun for attendees. According to our counsel, there is no legal way to conduct a raffle across multiple states without acquiring a permit from each state a ticket is sold in.

Q: Why shouldn’t all club members be able to participate in the doorprize drawing by buying a ticket?
A: A doorprize by definition is used as an incentive to attend an event. It's no different from a gift you receive in a goodie bag. Those not attending the event cannot get this benefit because they are not an official participant. (if chances to win the car were simply "sold" to anyone - then it would be considered a raffle).

Q: Are my dues being used to purchase the door prize car?
A: No. The door prize is entirely funded through the event.

Q: Does the club generate a profit from the doorprize drawing?
A: No.

Having issues registering? You can contact VOA HQ by email: or by phone: 888-778-1545 (M-F-8:30 am to 5 pm EST)