VOA Bucket List Events

Since 2017 is an off year for NVE, as we always do, we use this time to host a variety of multiregional "Bucket List" events to keep you busy. These events take place in a variety of interesting places across the globe and earmark some special experiences. From the infamous Tail-of-the-Dragon, to road racing in Texas, to a lavish automobile tour of Italy - they create special memories and provide exclusive club experiences you couldn't easily have on your own!


The tail of the Dragon is considered by many as one of the world's foremost motorcycling and sports car roads. Join us for a weekend of excitement as we experience this stretch of US 129 with 318 curves in 11 miles! There will be cruises throughout the area including the traditional Friday Taming of the Dragon and a Saturday drive to Fontana. Once again it will be a VOA Bucket List event hosted by the Alabama/Tennessee and Carolinas Regions. The event registration includes Friday dinner at the Park Vista hotel. Also included in the registration Goody Bag is a special Tail of the Dragon event t-shirt, a commemorative coin, trolley tokens for a ride to dinner on Friday night, and a video of the parade through Gatlinburg (one per registered car) Saturday night. The Greystone Lodge is saving rooms at special rates for the event. Rates Sunday through Thursday start at $97 and weekend rates begin at $113 (all rates before tax). There are other rates for enhanced rooms and suites. Reserve early to get your spot! They have agreed to honor these rates all week if you want to come early or stay later. Phone for Greystone is (800) 451-9202. There will be off-site trailer parking available but please let me know if you plan to bring a trailer. The event registration is also now open. Registration is $85 for VOA members and $105 for non-members. Late fees can be avoided by registering early and there will be a cancellation policy in effect. The registration site is http://carolinasvoa.com/tod_registration.htm. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Joel Hausler at (615) 308-3358 or email joel.hausler@mtsu.edu. Agenda and more detailed information will follow as we get closer!


JULY 16th-23rd, 2017 (ITALY)
We're going to Europe! Leveraging our fellow club member/sponsor from Go Get Lost, who have assembled several sell-out Italy trips with several VOA regions already, we now have setup an incredible 8-Day tour of Italy where we'll get to experience both the finest in Italian automobiles as well as the food, culture, and landscape of classic Italy. We'll spend our first 4 days in the "Motor Valley", the heart of Italian automobiles. Here we'll experience the Ferrari Museums, a Lamborghini Factory tour and museum, and we'll visit the Pagani factory and museum. You'll even have the option of taking a Ferrari out for some laps on an Italian circuit! After we get our fill of automobiles, we'll visit what is considered to be classic Italy as we travel into Tuscany. Along the way we'll eat incredible food, drink Italian wines, take cooking classes, and experience the history, and so much more as we explore this beautiful region of Italy. All this... while enjoying the camaraderie of our Viper friends. For more details, you can review the entire event here: http://www.gogetlost.com/voa-tuscany-motor-valley. The cost is $4195/pp (doesn't include airfare). Sign-ups need to happen soon, they begin on Dec 14. There is very limited availability as these groups are only 26 people large (yes, this will be a VOA only group). This Bucket List event requires a fair amount of advance commitment, so plans need to be made now. For more info you can contact Jason Allen from Go Get Lost via email jason@gogetlost.com or feel free to call 888-522-LOST (5678).


New England... here we come!! Join us as the New England VOA will host a Bucket List Event in their neck of the woods! The event will start on Friday morning September 15th with optional arrival on the 14th. The host hotel is the beautiful Arlington Hotel in Bethlehem NH which has been completely 100% reserved just for VOA members only! We will be cruising along the winding Kangamangus highway; we’ll travel through scenic back roads and main streets of quintessential New England towns each day. We will be touring "Castle in the clouds" (A beautiful mountain top estate overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee, then an optional Mount Washington Auto Road sunset cruise to the top (you will be in awe with breath taking views!) with BBQ dinner included, a special Private event on Saturday that will knock the socks off any auto enthusiast, Saturday night social hour with apps, dinner, and dancing, then Sunday the main event, Lobster Roll event in North Reading MA where no one will leave hungry! There will be a live band and impressive garage viewing as well! You will be putting plenty of miles on your Viper this weekend if you choose so, but also feel free to just relax in the beautiful host hotel or go out and explore on your own! The cost is $179, the low event fee includes all your food and event costs except for one optional event. Click HERE to read the flyer which has all the details. Experience all that New England has to offer! If you’d like more information or have any questions, please contact Martin Distelbrink martin@nevoa.org or 978-979-8967.


OCTOBER 19th-22nd, 2017 (Cancelled)
Due to Hurricane Harvey, Texas World Speedway abruptly shut down all race track operations and cancelled all contracts. Due to the massive number of flooded vehicles from Hurricane Harvey, salvage companies have come to the area and contracted every large patch of asphalt they can find for a minimum of 6 months with an option to extend. In this instance, TWS is pursuing interests to support hurricane relief efforts (also more economically viable to them). We looked at alternative tracks and venues and came to the conclusion that they were either too far away from the host hotel (2+ hours each way), lack basic facilities, or were already booked. So we're forced to cancel the 2017 Texas Viper Round Up. For those register4ed already, we will refund your registration fees and La Torretta has graciously agreed to cancel the room block and will be refunding your first night’s deposit. Sorry for the disappointment, but you can't argue with mother nature!


AUGUST 12th, 2017 (DETROIT)
As you are all aware, Viper is coming to an end in 2017. It also happens to be the 25th anniversary of our car! A very special event is being hosted near Detroit which will celebrate the Viper and visit some key venues as we say goodbye to this iconic car and look back on the last 25 years. The event is a 1 day gathering, planned as a "Cars and Coffee" style get together. They will offer self-guided tours of the plant along with coffee/donuts. They plan to take a photo on the front lawn at 11am and then head to the M1 concourse for an activity. The process of registering is done by contacting the Viper concierge to arrange for a ticket to be sent to you. It's basically an RSVP so they know that you'll certainly be attending. You can do so by email (viperconcierge@drivesrt.com) or phone (800-998-1110). You will be asked to provide your name, phone, VIN, and model year.