VOA Event List


Azleway Car Show and Fundraiser

Region: North Texas

When: Oct 19th 2019 - Oct 20th 2019

Where: Tyler, TX

No need to register the cars with anyone, it will be similar to years passed when we just show up. It is going to be quite large this year, though, as several other car clubs are coming as well. Lunch will be provided at the car show. It opens at 11:00 so we'll need to be set up just prior to that. As in the past, no entry fees are required but tax deductible donations are encouraged. Wouldn't hurt to bring a comfortable chair or two.

After the show, we'll head out to the Rauh's house/garages for a little while and then just the VOA people will head out to dinner. "Business meeting" and shenanigans at the Marriott after dinner.

Sunday will be a scenic drive and lunch before parting ways with everyone to return home.

I'll get the other details out as soon as things are finalized but this should give you a pretty good idea of what the weekend will look like.