VOA Event List


August Monthly Meet-Up

Region: Oklahoma

When: Aug 28th 2021

Where: 1701 S Western Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73109

08/28/21 @ 5pm-8pm
Next month we will be gathering at another unique and inviting location. The Wheeler Ferris Wheel (Wheeler is home to the historic Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel. After being purchased on eBay in 2008, over $1 million was invested to refresh and refurbish the Wheel. During its time at Pacific Park in Santa Monica, the Wheel served as a backdrop for countless photo shoots and was featured in numerous commercials.) It is located at 1701 S Western Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73109. Pops Smokehouse BBQ will be onsite for dinner.

*This is a VOA member ONLY event, if you're NOT a member make sure to check-in with Madie to get info on becoming a member.