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The Viper Owners Association (VOA) is the premier club for Viper owners. With the largest membership of any Viper organization, we are the place to go if you are looking for local or national events! Viper events are at the core of what makes the club special - get involved! The calendar below gives you a worldwide view of what is happening with the various local club regions. Feel free to peruse the events, you can click the corresponding regions link to be transferred to their website for more information.

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Southeast Zone
Dec 1st 2024 - Dec 4th 2024 Carolinas Cvc Family Vacation @ Charleston SC & Bahamas

Event Details

Date to be determined. A Carnival Cruise for 4 days out of Charleston SC to Bahamas. Alot of you have ask for it, so here it is. We have all become a family so let take a vacation as one. If you have never been on a cruise with a group of friends, you've been missing out. Here is your chance