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Gen V ACR Carbon Brake Setup


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Gen V ACR Brake setup. New in boxes

4 Carbon Rotors
4 Brembo Calipers
4 sets of CCM Pads
4 pin kits
I was going to install on my 2009 ACR with the purchase of ACR knuckles as my summer project.
Rear rotors weigh just over 10lbs each, fronts 13 lbs
Rear pads 4.8 lbs front 10 lbs a set
Rear calipers 6.4 lbs front 8.8 lbs

Check out how big the front pad is compared to the rear pad in the last photo. The rear pads are the same size that the TA uses in both front and rear!
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IMG_1210.JPG 11822750_1488354288141857_6345519999488504162_n_1_.jpg 11.jpg


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Comment Date: Tue July 12, 2016
I keep coming back and looking at this, Will this fit any GEN V? plug and play?

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I am told the front Gen V knuckles are the same, the rears are different.

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You also need to know which electrical system and software was installed on your vehicle.  The 2016 and above have the electrical wires already setup for those CCR's (atleast on the GTS I looked at).  Not sure if or when in 2015 they changes the wire configuration.  Those Calipers need to get plugged into you braking system.

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