About us

The Viper Owners Association is a non-profit 501 c(7) mutual benefit corporation. The board of directors consists of the four national elected officers and presidents of the local regions. The national club officers are:

President - Mike Kuchavik Sr. Mike Kuchavik Sr lives in Bath, Pennsylvania. He owns an Engineering & business consulting company, a Farmers Insurance Agency and is one of the top collector car agents for Hagerty Insurance. He brings a wealth of business development expertise to the VOA. He has been a Viper Club member since buying his first Viper, a 1996 GTS in 2005. He previously has served as PA/WV regional VP for 2 years and President for 4 years.

Vice President - Wesley Frasard Lives in Gainesville, Virginia. He retired with 29-years active service in the United States Marine Corps and now serves as a Senior Budget Analyst for the Department of Defense. He brings his expertise in crisis actions planning, future operations, current operations, and budget development to the VOA. He has been a Viper Club member since buying his first 2005 Copperhead Viper back in 2012 which he exported with him to the Middle-East. Previously, he stood up and served as the DC/DE/MD/VA Club Treasurer until his election to the National Board. He personally enjoys building his Vipers from the ground up.

Secretary - Ed Massena Ed Massena lives in the New York, New York metro area. He is COO of a boutique communications company that creates customer TV networks for businesses. He has been a member of the NY/CT Viper Club since 2008, serving as Region Secretary for 2 years and has completed his second term as Region President. He has owned two Gen 3 Vipers, and has over 40,000 miles worth of seat time in them including club events, coffee runs, track days, the occasional commute, and of course the large national events. He works tirelessly to foster a variety of events and looks forward to focusing that energy now at the national level.

Treasurer - Joseph Boscia Jr. Joe lives in central New Jersey, 25 miles south of NYC. He is well suited for the treasury function as he is a partner in his family’s CPA firm specializing in small business accounting and tax preparation. Joe is also currently serving as President of the VOA New Jersey region. Joe has a long history around Vipers even at a young age, by way of his father’s 20-year ownership of a 1996 RT/10. They’ve been members of the Viper club for more than 15 years. Joe currently owns a much newer toy, his beloved 2016 TA 2.0.

Deputy Treasurer - Matthew Altomare Matt resides in Long Island, NY and has been a Viper Owner (2002 GTS) and club member since 2014. He is also currently serving as the Regional NY/CT VOA President. Matt is a CPA licensed in the State of NY and works for a very large, multi-national corporation as a Controller for multiple operating entities. Prior to that, Matt was an independent financial statement auditor with a main focus in the Not-for-Profit Audit division. When he's not knee deep into number crunching, he enjoys being a hobby mechanic and turning wrenches.

There are also a number of significant national responsibilities appointed within the national club. Our directors are:

Bylaws - Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson lives in the mountains S/W of Denver for the last 39 years. He Cofounded the Colorado Viper Club in 1995 along with Jim Roppo. He has been Vice President from 1995 to 2003, and President from 2004 to present, as well as Southwest zone director for the last 8 years. He’s also attended all of the VOIs. Jim has been married to Shirley for 35 years and has two children, both married. Jim has been active in the Republican Party as a District Captain for 35 plus years, involved as a member of the executive committee of the Jefferson County Open Space Foundation, and has also been involved in Kiwanis and Sertoma for 30 plus years. He’s owned several Vipers over the years including a 1996 and 2003, but he still has his first Viper which is a 1994.

Tech Team Director - Chuck Tator
Chuck Tator lives in South Salem, NY and has been a member of the Viper Club for nearly 20 years. He’s served as Technical Director for both the NY and NE Viper Clubs and is currently the Vice President of the NY/CT club. He is the third generation of Tator’s Garage, EST 1908. With a mechanical upbringing, a wrench in his hand is second nature to him. In a past life, he was also enlisted in the Air Force [SAC 1975] where he worked on KC-135’s & FB-111’s. When the first Viper hit the Auto Shows in 1989, that was all it took to spark his now Viper passion. In 1994 he purchased a new RT/10 and has had venom running in his veins ever since.

Sponsorship Director -

Forum Director - Scott Grayson
Scott Grayson lives in midtown Manhattan. He has been a New York / Connecticut Viper Club member since 2001 where he was the president for 6 years. He was also on the club’s national website committee where he worked to develop forum rules, regulations and protocol. He is a partner in The Vortex Group, LLC, a New York City based commercial real estate firm. Grayson has been a car fanatic for his entire driving life. He was formerly a region president and competition director of the Jaguar Club of North America. His first Viper was a Gen 2 Roadster which, after 50,000 miles, was retired for a Gen 4 Convertible.

Website Director - Kurt Balhorn
Kurt Balhorn lives in Omaha, Nebraska and has been in the Information Technology field for over 15 years. He was a founding member of the local Mopar car club and has been involved in Mopars since he was 16. In fact, he still has his high school car, a 1970 Charger R/T. Kurt is married to his wife, Melissa of 25 years and has a daughter, Amanda that is also a Mopar fanatic. He joined the Crossroads of America region shortly after purchasing his first Viper, an ’06 Copperhead Coupe, and is currently their Vice President. Kurt is also an active officer in both the local Mopar club and the regional car council that represents automobile clubs in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa. Owning a Viper has been a goal of his ever since he saw the first one arrive at the Dodge dealership his father worked at back in 1992.

IT Director - Alex Ristanovic
Alex Ristanovic lives in the northern Scottsdale, AZ. He owns a successful IT consulting company with clients spanning the entire nation. He has been a Viper Club community member since its first year in 1994. Ristanovic has been an avid volunteer and leader within the club realm serving in the early days as IL VCA region webmaster and graphics designer for over 10 years. He eventually became the longest serving IL VCA President at 8 years, VCA Midwest Director at Large for 6 years, national VOA Vice-President for 2 years, and national VOA President for 2 years. He is the co-founder of the Viper Owners Association (VOA) and is well known for his approach with creating a strong and active club culture. With his first Viper bought at age 19, he’s lived longer with Vipers in his life than without! He’s known to be a track rat as he also races his cars in autocross and road courses around the country. He’s owned a multitude of Vipers over the years, also adding the last generation Viper to his stable.

Social Media Director - Kala Rexroad
Kala lives in Ojai, CA where she enjoys driving the twisty mountain roads daily. She has been a Viper Club member since 2006, and has had every Generation of Viper with the exception of the Gen IV. Her passion for Vipers crossed into the digital realm when she built the first Viper related mobile app for the Viper community. Kala serves in several key capacities within the operations of the club which includes setting up the VOA store, establishing club credit lines, and being a forum moderator since the inception of the club.

Events Director - Debbie Ruckert
Debbie Ruckert lives in central Arizona. She is retired and loves spending time with her grandkids, all 7 of them. She has been a Mopar nut since she was in her 20’s. She has been a Viper Club member since 2009 when she traded her 64 Plymouth Fury convertible for her 1st Viper, a 2006 red convertible. Since the purchase of her viper, she has become quite the track rat, participating in drag racing, road racing, and autocross. She has been very active in the IL and Arizona regions for the past 5 years, serving as AZ region Vice President, and now their current president. During her tenure, she’s helped organize many of the Arizona region’s events as well as road trips to national events. She has a passion for Viper gatherings and an energy for working behind the scenes to make great things happen for club members. When she not doing all that, she and her husband Dave are working on his 68 Road Runner drag racing.

Regional Development Director - Michael Levy
Michael has been a member of the Viper Nation since 1999. During that time he has owned two Vipers, a 1994 RT 10 and 2001 GTS which he has had for the past 15 years. As an active member of the Northern California VOA chapter he has organized numerous club events including days at the races at Sonoma Raceway and more recently a tour of a local whiskey distillery. Most recently Michael was involved in helping organize the Red Rock Canyon and Hoover Dam tours for NVE 3. Michael has written for the Northern California club newsletter, Snake Eyes and assisted in working with local club leadership in helping recraft NorCal bylaws. He is married with three grown children who recognize that the Viper is a member of the family. None of his kids remember a time when there was not a snake in the garage. Michael looks forward to continuing to serve the club on a national level based on his nearly 20 years of club membership. The greatest benefit of being a part of this group has been the people he has met and the memories we have. Michael is uniquely prepared to work with regional chapters throughout the country to help strengthen the club based on his varied experiences with this great club.

Viper Quarterly Editor – Maurice Liang
Maurice Liang is editor of our official magazine, Viper Quarterly. Maurice lives in Los Altos, CA, and is the Founding President of the Viper Owners Association, Viper Club of America, and NorCal Viper Club. Maurice also served as President of the NorCal club and editor of their publication, Snake Eyes, for twenty years. Maurice spearheaded the project to build the Viper Café at the Walter P. Chrysler museum to give Viper its place of honor. Maurice is author/photographer of two Viper books, The Viper Buyers Guide and SRT Viper – America’s Supercar Returns and publishes two annual Viper calendars. Maurice has owned Vipers since 1993, and still has his original RT/10 roadster and GTS coupe.