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12-07-2017, 09:37 AM
Trucking Info on 2nd Truck Going to NVE 3
Hi Everyone,
This is Rick, a member of the New England Viper club. We recently filled a truck of 8 Vipers going to NVE 3. We had such a large response we are having to acquire a 2nd truck for the trip. Right now we do have 2 people from NY on our 2nd truck, if we fill the truck we were told we could get it for the same price of $2,125.00 per Viper round trip. Fully enclosed and insured and truck holds 8 Vipers comfortably. Here is the catch; we know shipping the vipers to NVE3 is expensive so we are trying to make it memorable and as fun as we can. We have worked on a great itinerary for the ride to Vegas. The driver will pick up our Vipers at a location that works best for all of us. N.E. Viper Club are shipping our Vipers to Colorado and driving to Vegas. We will fly out on Saturday April 28, 2018. Vipers will be waiting for us in a parking lot nearby. As a group we will then visit:
• Mesa Verde National Park and visit the cliff dwellers. They built their houses in the canyon walls back in 1200AD.( Wicked Cool)
• Visit 4 corners where Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado meet.
• Drive famous Route 66, (this is the best scenic route on 66) and stop at an old mining town hopefully for lunch.
• We will then drive to see the Grand Canyon and drive by the Hoover Dam.
We should arrive Tuesday night where we will spend the night at old Vegas and stay at the Famous Golden Nugget. If you’ve never been to old Vegas, it is a lot of fun.
Wednesday we will then head to Vegas and check in to NVE 3.
We know there is an expense to shipping the Vipers out to Vegas, so we would like to make this vacation the most for the money. We still have room on the truck, so if you think this is something you might want to do, now is the time. So if you are interested please contact me: Rick Desrosiers at: viper2004srt10@aol.com . We have all of our driving route all planned out, and we will send you our flight schedules so you can coordinate your flights as planned.
Thanks Rick