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04-28-2018, 12:06 AM
As a benefit to all those driving their cars out to the event, we're opening our car wash area as early as possible to accommodate that initial washes that will likely be needed. This way, you'll have a clean car when the first activities begin!

While there is a self-wash area we've established, a reminder that we have also greatly expanded our car wash team at NVE 3! Thank you to our good friends (also Viper Owners & VOA members) from Louque's-Exotech's. They are on hand (as they have been at past NVE's), to take care of our cars. This time they've flown in a team of nearly 12 people dedicated all day (and often well into the night) for the purpose of taking care of our cars!

The car wash area will be open as early as Monday night! Feel free to call and schedule a wash, though they also take walk ups. And of course throughout the event they will remain open to everyone.

You will find them at the convention center parking garage across the property. We have a great spot, it's covered from the sun and well protected from crowds. Just drive around the property and enter the large convention lot from the main street (off of Las Vegas Blvd). You will see a white VOA sign at the entrance to the car wash area at the garage. I've also included a map to help orient you as the property is massive, just follow the yellow arrows.

I already hear the engines in the distance... They're coming... See you all down here!


Black Adder
04-28-2018, 08:17 PM
How to we get hold of them? What is their telephone number or email?

04-28-2018, 08:37 PM
It'll be in the packet you get when you check-in. But here it is in case you call now. Alex Louque (504) 236-2646. Louquesexotechs@gmail.com.