View Full Version : Big Willow 1 19 2019

01-11-2019, 06:50 PM
Checkered Flag has an "All Open" track day at Big Willow on Sat. Jan 19th. They usually a small group around 30 or less. Currently there are only 6 signed up. I just talked with the promoter David, he said the event is a go regardless of sign up! There is going to be virtually no traffic for this event. Weather looks to be cooperating at this point. They put on a very nice event that includes high end cars with good and courteous drivers. All levels welcome.


1 day registration fee: $320

Optional Full day One-On-One instruction: $210

Open track all day, no sessions. 7+ hours of track time. Extremely low car count (40 or less). Full corner workers and EMT.

Any NorCal, SoCal or Vipers want to join in..?