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01-07-2020, 08:08 AM
Just located the 60th something out of 100 1998 GT2s that is owned by an unassuming person. It may be the lowest mileage GT2. Second owner, still on MSO, sold in MI to a collector in Florida, and now with its second owner.

I was privately introduced to the owner by a Viper owner that heard about the owners group. The introduction is greatly appreciated. The 90 minute conversation felt like 3.

The sheer happiness I heard in his voice over the phone as he uncovered the GT2 in his garage is something most can't understand. For him, it's not about the drive. It's about the art, the sheer beauty of the beast, and the recognition of what the Viper Team create. I really enjoyed his love, his passion, and his enthusiasm. If you are one that drives your car and can't understand this, then find a collector. Ask them questions, get them talking about why they have it - how they see it. Understand them instead of criticizing with the pedestrian comment of "that's like saving your girlfriend for the next guy." That just shows an inward perspective and not the desire to understand what makes another happy.

This vehicle isn't available for purchase, but several other GT2's are for purchase if you'd like to put one in the garage. Message me and one of the group members can make introductions as appropriate.

That is all I can share at the moment, but it is safe to say, this isn't the only Viper in this collection that is as it rolled off the truck with only factory miles........

If you are a GT2 owner or know one, please message me privately or call me on 248-705-1245.

The passion runs strong with GT2 owners that collect or sit in the garage drinking beer looking at it or drive it to VOA events or have 20, 40, 80, 100,000+ miles on it. It may be the most passionate group :)

01-08-2020, 05:35 PM
Pretty cool

01-09-2020, 09:21 PM
Put me on the list, but has to have all paperwork, and complete items from the factory.

01-10-2020, 08:13 AM
Put me on the list, but has to have all paperwork, and complete items from the factory.

Might have the perfect sub 2,000 mile for you.