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01-28-2020, 02:58 PM
We are super excited to announce that Hagerty has partnered with the Viper Owners Association to b the "Official Insurance Provider of NVE4"! They are passionate about the automotive lifestyle and look forward to celebrating all things Viper with us at NVE4!

Here's an added benefit for ya'll: every VOA member attending NVE4 gets premier roadside service provided by Hagerty, with guaranteed flatbed towing up to 60 miles or up to $100 towards emergency services, valid April 20 through May 2 while at NV4.

Please plan to visit the fine folks at the Hagerty Pit Stop Vendor Booth and pick up your complementary gifts and register to win one of their prize packages. The Pit Stop will be open at both the hotel and the track!

Have questions about track insurance? Please call 800-922-4050 for more information ahead of NVE4!

There are a few spaces left so don't dilly dally or you'll miss your chance to have a blast tearing up South Florida with the rest of us!

01-28-2020, 08:34 PM
This relationship will expand over the year and just may make membership even more valuable, so join today :cool:


01-28-2020, 09:26 PM
Another great perk! Let’s hope no one needs to use it, but be rest assured it’s available if needed.

01-29-2020, 09:15 PM

#1 no track insurance discount

#2 As I understand it, VOA Member Insurance is LIABILITY, not vehicle or injury coverage. You will want to discuss options with an insurance professional of your choosing to select what you deem appropriate for your needs

#3 the people who answer the phones for track insurance will not specifically know about NVE4 - there are 25 to 100 events every day somewhere in USA

#4 working on better communication for expectations when applying for coverage and, if coverage is denied, for clearer reasoning. A LOT is involved with the partnership with many moving parts - Appreciate your patience over the next 12 months :)

Feel free to message me and we can talk.....