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03-18-2021, 02:00 PM
After your long travel across the states to arrive in Miami we KNOW you want your Viper to look its best! What better way than to engage the services of Alex Louque's ExoTechs to wash and detail your car!

Even better news is Alex is offering these services at half his normal price so stop what you're doing right now and contact him for an appointment!

Curious about pricing? I have to say he's been very generous to ya'll with his NVE4 discounts!

- NVE4 wash is $75.00 to wash, claybar, add sealant and tire gel - you can't go wrong with that so you can plan to have your car washed multiple times during our event!

- NVE4 ceramic coating is $1,000 to wash, claybar, 2 stage compound, 1 stage polish and ceramic coating of rim faces and all paint and glass. That's an outstanding price offered to you only at NVE4!

The best way to reach him is to send a text to 504-236-2646 but you can also call him or email him at louquesexotechs@gmail.com.

Where can you find Alex and his staff? Look for the 40 ft. by 80 ft. tent close to the front of the hotel!