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11-24-2021, 09:59 AM
This is the first Gen II ACR built for public sale through dealerships. (There is an evaluation ACR built from a 1997 production engineering Viper and I am sure a pilot or two out there.)

The owner, Ron, stated he heard about the ACRs coming out and gave a deposit to his dealer. The day orders opened, the dealer placed the order.

If I have the story correct, Ron was talking with a good Viper friend, JonB. Not surprising that JonB is in the story is it? Viper National Treasure of information!! He knew JonB knew many at Team Viper and Plant Manager, John Hinckley. In the end, Ron agreed to buy pizza and beer for those on the assembly line to receiving the first ACR.

In 1999, there were 14 Red Silver ACRs produced. I believe it was manufactured in March of 1999 (still verifying) and took delivery at VOI5 in Las Vegas. Ron daily drove the Viper for years and it currently has 85,000 plus miles. He has driven a Saleen S7 for 30,000 miles, a Ford GT for 40,000 miles, and is doing the same with his McLaren and late model Ford GT. AT 83, he is still actively building hot rods and restoring classics. He is a person I'd enjoy making a trip to the great Northwest to meet.


Cars bring us together, passionate people keep us together.

11-29-2021, 09:18 AM
This is a great piece of Viper history. Awesome to see that he actually drove it and enjoyed it!

11-29-2021, 10:57 AM
Brian, great story!! I was thinking this week about the solid red '99 I bought 19 years ago. Bought it from a young guy in Sacramento and then brought it back to the LA area where I had just started a new job. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I got it the ACR to drive to my house in Phoenix. The first 50 miles that day were a living hell, LA basin bumper to bumper traffic in a 6 speed. Can't believe that was 19 years ago, and, I wish I still owed it!! Mike