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06-22-2014, 08:11 AM
Well I was finally able to get onto the track this year. This was the first time I went to a track where I had my challenger on as well. It was interesting to compare the two cars. I was surprised how well the challenger felt compared to the viper. The biggest difference I could feel was the gears. 3.07 vs 3.91 is a big change. Seemed like the viper lacked pulling power down the straights. The biggest challenge was in the corners. The front end was hard to keep from understeering. I played with the tire pressure but it didn't help. I was constantly the slowest car in the corners. Keep in mind I am novice at best and I am sure that some are able to ring these cars out much better then me. Also my car is dead stock minus new tires and pads. Overall it was fun to get out and get some seat time. I definitely felt my confidence growing in the later sessions and was able to rotate the car in the corners better. It seems at the two tracks I have been to there is always one corner I am able to nail and it feels so good. I was hitting the brakes later and later each time and with less force and then clipping the curb and using the whole track on exit. That is what brings me back each time. Then there is the finale two turn combo that no one has a good line for and just kills tires ever lap. I could do without those. I have video and will try to post it up tomorrow.

Nelson ledges is the track and it has been going through ups and downs lately. It has been patched here and there but it is in need of a repaying for some time. I got a few rocks chips and heard them bouncing off my helmet during the first session. It got better as the day went on but I hope they are able to fix this problem in the year to come.

06-22-2014, 05:06 PM
Awsome, glad you got some seat time!!!

If you were improving in an older Gen car at Nelson Ledges, you did GREAT! That track has needed repair for a LOooong time, and your car is a handful in the turns.