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11-21-2013, 12:37 PM
First of all I want to THANK YOU for taking time out of your busy lives to read through this. I know that the holiday season is coming and that budgets are tightening in preparation for them. When the Woodhouse challenge was first started 5 years ago a lot of us (employees) really did not understand the actual NEED for food that children have when they are not in the school breakfast and lunch programs Monday through Friday. When they head home on a Friday, not knowing if there will be anything to eat for the next two days it can be spirit breaking and it should be heartbreaking for those of us that know we are going to eat. These children are not to blame for their position, these are trying times for many families all around us and there are few things worse as a parent, then knowing your child will go hungry for the next two days.

I would love to offer you the opportunity that I have been given to be a part of this challenge, even if you are not local to this area you can help the many that are in need, knowing that 100% of your gift will provide for these hungry children. When organizations collect canned goods and food for the Foodbank the ratio of food is 1:1, what they don't know is that $1 donated can purchase $4 worth of food through the Foodbanks suppliers, making it an even better return on investment for the children.
You can contact me at any of my numbers 800-889-1893 toll free work or 402-677-2935 my personal cell and by email mjorgensen@woodhouse.com to help. I can process credit cards securely or you can mail checks directly to me made out to “Foodbank for the Heartland”. You will receive a conformation receipt in the mail thanking you for your blessing.

Send checks to:
Woodhouse Dodge
Attn: Mark Jorgensen
South Hwy 30, P.O. box 546
Blair, NE. 68008
Thank you and God Bless,
If this email has in any way upset you I apologize, I did this on my own and was not asked to do it by anyone at Woodhouse.