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06-02-2015, 09:05 PM
I tried to attend the www.sscc.us event mid May. Unfortunately after installing new Spec 3+ clutch and Tranzilla T56 a Deer ran onto the hwy and hit my Roe supercharged 2001 GTS.

I went home and am fighting with the bodyshop. He has offered to repaint my hood forever because he warranties his fiberglass repairs. Due to the nature of our clamshell hoods they only fix for a few years then the repairs can be seen through the paint. Soooooo ......

I rebuilt my Hydraulic clutch system in my TT Viper GTS and took it to Spokane, Wash for the Pacific Northwest Street Car Challenge last weekend (last weekend in May).

I took my friend with me and the only Viper guy interested in going got an emergency call to work and had to cancel. We drove 800 miles to drag and roll race my Twin Turbo Viper. Since my plan is to run Bonneville salt flats in Sept I have my car set on it's lowest power of about 1000whp. Pump gas (it gets 17mpg at this tune) at 10 psi and running some old used Toyo Proxy treaded tires for the street class. Although I have added a bolt in rollcage to be allowed to run over 200mph etc. my car has 20 miles of track and 3200miles on the street.

I ran a roll race, then dragged the quarter mile. My car wheel hopped up past 100mph in the quartermile and the run was terrible at 11.4@144mph I went back to roll racing to run 10.00@163mph and a 9.3@163mph where the car was shaking so badly across the finish line I thought I was throwing a Ujoint. 80mph the car is smooth. After working on the car I decided (with some help from the local 1000whp Vette tuner) that my Quaife posi has a problem so I parked the car.

One spectator came by and while "gushing" about how fast and pretty my Viper was he said, "When your car shot out the flames the entire crowd stood up and screamed!" I looked at him and asked "My car shot flames?" I must have over revved.

Later a 1000whp Hemi 300 guy came by. We chatted and he said MY Viper was his dream car and he wanted to buy it. I told him that I was just having fun and the car was set to street tune for this event because I was working on redesigning the turbo systems for the Salt Flats and the car has another 700whp coming with the Motec, water ICs and race gas tune for next year. He said he'll call me next year. He wanted to buy my car at $100,000 with a broken rear end on pump gas! Told him I'm not interested. He said he'll call me next year.

No, I'm not crazy, I bought this car to do some spectacular racing and I'm not sure I'd sell it at $200K. 11018

06-02-2015, 09:25 PM
This was Morris on Sunday. Local ZR1 that was the "Fastest Street Car" until this event when I was faster and I was beat by a GTR that was well over 1000whp.

Morris's ZR1 runs hard and I'd guess about 800whp on his supercahrged ZR1 engine. Sunday he brought his Kill settings and this his vette lifting as it crossed the start line at 40mph going for the roll run. He was 9.4@162mph - only 1mph slower than my 9.3@163mph.

Beautiful car. But I beat him without Nitrous and on low boost and pump gas. The huge advantage of the Viper's 510 cubic inches of engine!


06-03-2015, 05:11 AM
I'll offer you 201K. But not a cent more. 202k if you throw in the wheels.

I hear you on the not being interested in selling the car. It's not about the money, it's about the build and the racing. Let us know how the salt flats go and what the final HP numbers are for that boost and tune.

P.S. Where do you go to dyno that as that requires a specific dyno and as I understand it, don't you kinda live out in the boonies? Just wondering.

Good luck with the Salt Flats!!!

06-05-2015, 11:34 AM
I'll probably be going to John Reed's choice of dyno as I bought a Motec M800 for the car. The AEM in the car has a E85 tune and a C16 race gas tune. They were 1250 and 1500+whp.

I'm upgrading to water/air intercoolers which should add a couple hundred hp while being less stressful on the engine. Todd Nelson told me that the air to air reaches intake temps at the 400F level unbder extreme conditions. His drag strip and dyno research showed +200whp improvements over the air to air IC and about the same gains from removing 3" air filters from the 4" intake of the turbos.

The intake air comes from under the car near the headers and I'll be removing and wrapping them as well.

I don't find the hp numbers matter much as trying to contoll the hp according to traction. I also hope to figure a race tranny system by next year. I know of one 1700whp 400le tranny that is still working for racing and am watching to see if one will live above 1500whp for more than a few races.

06-05-2015, 11:48 AM
Okay....you passed up 100k USD???? Now you figure it's worth 200K??? ?LOL

06-05-2015, 04:09 PM
Okay....you passed up 100k USD???? Now you figure it's worth 200K??? ?LOL

Sorry, where did you get that idea? Just because the car cost is well over $300K doesn't mean that the car is worth that much. It's worth what it can be sold for. In this case that is more than $100K

06-18-2015, 12:30 AM
Pacific Northwest Street Car Challenge will be at Bremerton July and |Aug with another Street Car Challenge at Spokane in Sept.

Drag 1/4mi and roll race 1/3 mile. Race between winners of each type of race. $800us or more cash prize.


06-29-2015, 02:36 PM
July 11th

Mopar Nationals Aug 7th in Ohio.

06-29-2015, 03:44 PM
While I don't always agree with you, It's good to see you run your cars hard. Most don't run em like that. Good luck dude.

07-05-2015, 10:19 AM
Sorry, where did you get that idea? Just because the car cost is well over $300K doesn't mean that the car is worth that much. It's worth what it can be sold for. In this case that is more than $100K

I got the idea from your first post in this thread! You indicated someone wanted to buy it (broken) for 100K. You said you don't think you would sell for 200K. ?LOL

08-04-2015, 04:44 PM
I ran 2nd fastest at Spokane, Wash. What I thought was a broken rear end was actually drag radials comng apart. I removed the rear suspension, the MW axles, the diff and the posi. Everything was good there although there was some deformation of the frame at the top front A arm mounts and below the lower A arm mounts as well. I fabricated some gussetts and welded them inside the frame brackets, to the frame and some wrapped under the frame. The top rear A arm mounts I built gussetts that welded inside and to the frame as well as the mounts then welded them to the crossmember welds (Diff mounts).

I bought a gussetted rear diff from Joel and installed that onto my rear diff (since mne was stock). Todd at A.R.T. advised me that my hp level required frame gussetts as the factory builds the mounts to tear off in case of accident.

I then aired up my 14.5 x 16 x 28" Hoosier Quick Time Pros and headed off to Bremerton, Wash for the next race. No ore wheel hop! Although I did slide sideways a bit shifting into 3rd gear I had some traction throough first and second. Acceleration 4th through 6th was stupendous. I ran 18psi as I wanted to test and tune and really didn't want any chance of breaking anything.

Drag Racing was OK although I spun n first, hooked then got boost and blew off the tires, second also blew off the tires when the boot hit 10psi. Unfortunately this was a Flag Drag and no times or speeds were avail.

Roll racing was awesome because starting in 2nd at 40mph equals traction. The GTR that had a few mph on me at Spokane blew his front diff so I didn't get to rematch with decent tires, but I raced a 900whp TT vette with an extra 200hp Nitrous kit. He 'jumped' off the start but did pull ahead each time I shifted (he was auto). We raced an 1100whp Shelby GT500 that was stripped and lightened running 20psi on a KB Megablower (4.3L blower). I was third fastest car there. Had a great time. I really enjoyed running the car.

Surprising to me that I shifted into 6th gear in the quartermile with 28" tall tires and 3.07 gears! I was well into 6th gear before the roll racing 1/3mi flag. Certainly wish they would have had the timing equipment and speed numbers.

I'm working on the brakes as I haven't installed my chute yet and even using all the available shutdown area I overheated all my brakes and they were Blue.

Here's official video and there are a few of my runs on it. https://vimeo.com/134862615