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  1. I do
  2. Hello do you have the MGW dip stick?
  3. Hello,

    Let me know if you have the dip stick I was able to purchase the oil cap from another forum member.

  4. Sorry just have way to many guys want me to take pics and go back and forth and never buy. Don't have time for that. I have it up in a box in my attic. Have not seen it in years but was perfect when I bought it. I don't get to crazy about selling my Viper parts because I seem to need them right after I sell one. As you know a drivers side is almost impossible to find so cant do anything near $200.00 I can ask my buddy who sells them all the time what they are worth. You can text me if you want but I am very busy so sometimes takes me some time to get back. Matt 651-248-4971
  5. Hello,

    If I am far off let
  6. Hello,

    Please give me a call. 516 3138386. I will take it for 200.

  7. Please send me a pic of the frame to 516 313 8386. I am interested. I recently purchased a 1996 B/W GTS.

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