I hope by now all of our Oregon/SW Wa members have gotten my emails, and are aware of the planned day trip to Graveyard Carz,,, I wanted to post here just incase someone got missed or perhaps any non member reads this and would like to go,,, ALL Vipers are invited to join us. I also invited the Wa club and hope we can get many of them to join us as well,,, It would be great to have a major sized Viper Parade going down I-5 to Springfield. As mentioned in emails the only thing to stop us would be the weather.... I figure on Friday the 16th by mid-day we should know what its going to be so I will send out emails and post here if it gets washed out or if we ride.... I got fingers and toes crossed for dry weather..... since I 1st began trying to make this happen my goal was to have the largest turn out of vipers for any NW region event so please try to make this,,,, it will make for some great pictures, memories and perhaps a shot on tv as well,,,, not to forget the VOA magazine too,,,, if anyone needs a copy of the route plan just email me and I will send you a copy- it has times and locations as to where to join us along the way..... thanks; Steve