VOA welcomes Chad Quick, the new plant manager at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant, Home of the Viper!

Chad has been with Chrysler since 1997. Most recently, he was Vehicle Line Manufacturing for Chrysler's C and D Segment vehicles. He currently has responsibility for the Viper plant as well as Pilot Operations, where they prototype assembly lines for new vehicles being launched. Chad is keeping Viper production humming along, with the majority of cars being ACR's right now. Chad is a licensed pilot and aircraft mechanic, and loves to go fast. He's new to the Viper world, but he's looking forward to meeting Viper owners. And... as soon as Chad became plant manager, he purchased a 2008 Venom Red Viper coupe!! He also promptly joined the VOA as a Mamba member, he jumped in with both feet!


Welcome to the Viper world, and the VOA, Chad!

Look for a more indepth profile on Chad in the next issue of Viper Quarterly.