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    Anyone in Arkansas know this viper?

    Hey All,
    I am helping a friend who is looking to buy his first viper, he came across this viper and wanted to know more information. It looks clean and him and I may be heading up in couple of weeks to take a look at it. any help would be appreciated, also is there a good Viper Tech in the area as well?

    here is the link to the Gen 3
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    There is a Viper tech at Lewis Dodge in Fayetteville which is two hours from Russelville. I've used them for the past seven years on my 08 ACR and now on my 14 TA.
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    Wow, thats a lot of car for 45k! Looks like its in great shape. Unfortunately I haven't found anyone I'd trust in Little Rock, yet.
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    I am the friend the OP is referring to, I am just bumping the thread to see if anyone else knows anything. The car is also listed over on the Alley ( and people are interested and he has not responded. I think the guy has decided not to sell or just not answering emails or anything on the car.
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