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    Red face The Countdown Begins! What To Expect at NVE2!

    It's just about that time! Energy has been high and as the dust finally settles from the planning process, we're now beginning the next steps with setup for the event. And as we think of ways to evolve these major events, one thought that seemed useful was to provide some very detailed information about NVE2 beforehand so that you can all plan your journey well and get the most out of the event.

    While you will all get a formal packet when you check-in with us at New Orleans, below is a comprehensive "Before You Arrive" guide for the event. For those who like to know exactly what will be happening, it's a pretty extensive document that will answer your questions and help you prepare. It'll also help you plot out some of the extra things you may want to do while you visit and it'll keep us all in sync since we'll all know the plan in advance.

    I hope this guide serves you well. We're planning one heck of a party in a very special place. So bring your good spirit, your sense of adventure, and of course the near 180,000 horsepower that is going to shake the ground as we invade New Orleans!!

    I'll see you there!

    NVE2 - Before You Arrive.pdf
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    Awesome! Thanks Alex for putting this together! I believe most will sincerely appreciate the amount of planning that was put into this dream vacation :-). I can't believe it's almost here; I'm already restless...
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