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    Thanks for the concern guys! I made it out, and am currently staying in Calgary.

    It was a tense time, but I didn't have it nearly as bad as some. I had friends stuck on the highway, for a couple days. I've had friends lose their homes. Mine is still there, and hopefully will stay that way. I was made very comfortable by one of the oil sands company's camps. The staff there did their very best for us. I must say it was strange seeing all the animals running around a work camp.

    Shell Canada took in my brother, his 1 year old daughter and wife, fed them, fuelled their car, and got them on one of their jets, to be evacuated out to Edmonton. If you watch the news, nobody seems to point out that all the people who were trapped north of the city were completely dependant and cared for by the oil companies, even before the province called a state of emergency.

    Also, regular Albertans were the ones driving up the highway with fuel water diapers, whatever was needed to help out the stranded motorists. I am grateful to the first responders who were and are still up there, giving it hell, fighting for our homes. Words can't express the feelings you get, when you see everyone banding together, helping their fellow man. Alberta has a real pioneer spirit, which shines during situations such as this.

    I can't count the phone calls and text messages offering help, places to stay, whatever I need. It's been a humbling experience. I can't help but feel guilty, knowing I am relatively unharmed, when so many have lost everything. In addition to losing homes, most people have also lost their means to earn a living, probably for months. I am in the process of trying to find a way back in to volunteer for my city. So I may be offline for a while again.
    Glad you and your family are ok Brad. We're doing all we can here in Airdrie for Ft Mac evacuees.
    Take care

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    Glad to see everyone is ok. I spent a couple seasons up there on a Rapattack team some time ago and understand the amount of danger the town was in. Good to see regular folks and corporations pitching in and helping during this wildfire.
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    Lived through same thing at Anahim Lake a few years ago Brad. Glad it worked out for you.
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