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    Graveyard Carz.... OH OH... PLEASE READ

    Hey all....... I just got a phone call from the Graveyard Carz dude........ there needs to be a change made,,,, evidently they have a wedding that day and he didn't realize it... wedding comes 1st so we got bumped..... I know this will cause a problem with plans and all and he was really sorry about it but at least we weren't cancelled..... I will shoot out a confirmation email later today or tomorrow with the absolute new date,,,, tentatively it is set for 8/27..... they have quite the full schedule and that day is open still.... its still summer weather so that part will be good..... i know some of you with families will be getting ready for school or last minute vacations but I hope you all can reschedule your time to be able to make it...... like I said I will email out a confirmation of that date once he calls me back..... but I think that day will stand based on our conversation....... I appreciate your understanding and patience as this is totally out of our control.... I will copy and paste this to our facebook page as well as the voa page.... any questions let me know..... any complaints- I don't wanna hear them.... this is not my doing so please understand that....thanks everyone.....STEVE
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    Bummer!! Thanks for keeping us posted.
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