Each year we host a raffle to encourage and reward those who renew on time (before the end of the year). This is a free raffle sponsored by our VOA sponsors. Members who were eligible were automatically enrolled in the raffle. We now want to announce the winners!

We again ended up with a higher renewal rate than last year - people are getting used to it, but it still requires lots of reminders from the HQ! We were at 76% this year by Jan 1 - this was excellent. And believe it or not, we had 49 renewals since Jan 1, you guys missed the cutoff just mere days unfortunately! So just another reminder to renew on time!

Once the calcs were done, odds ended up around 1 of 68 to win, not bad odds on some great items! One note on awards - items cannot be transferred/sold to others. Winners were drawn via random number generator, and this year we also scrambled the prizes. These are the winners in the order they were drawn. Backup winners are also listed, should someone not be reachable or forfeit their award, the next person in the backup list will be chosen. I also listed VOA regions as it's always fun to see where folks are from. And thank you to our many sponsors. Aside from supporting our club through sponsorship, these particular ones volunteered to go above and beyond to help encourage timely renewals! For a complete list of raffle items, CLICK HERE.

2017 Renewal Winners
Xtreme Supercars $100 Cert - Northern California - Mr. Rick Anderson
Doug Shelby Engineering 25% off - Illinois (IL/WI & Other) - Mr. Todor Sivkov
Maurice Liung Viper Calendar - New England - Mr. Tynan Taylor
Deviate Motoring $250/400 Cert - Houston - Mr. Lee Staiger
Doug Shelby Engineering 25% off - Indiana/Kentucky - Mr. William Bell
VOA Store $50 Gift Cert - WV/PA - Mr. Al Berman
American Racing Headers $500 off - North Texas - Mr. Johnny Richardson
Doug Shelby Engineering 25% off - Minnesota - Mr. Larry Aszmann
Deviate Motoring $250/400 Cert - Illinois (IL/WI & Other) - Mr. Trevor Wolf
Viper Parts Larry 5% off - Arizona - Mr. Chad Ullman
American Racing Headers $500 off - Illinois (IL/WI & Other) - Mr. Greg Banks
The Viper Store $500 Gift Cert - Washington - Mr. William Sand
Xtreme Supercars $100 Ceer - Northern California - Mr. Martin Ahlers
Xtreme Supercars $100 Cert - Virginia/Maryland - Mr. Robert Miller
Maurice Liung Viper Calendar - Colorado/Utah/Wyoming/Montana - Mr. Detlef Vischer
VOA Store $50 Gift Cert - Michigan (Motor City Viper Owners) - Mr. Sam Milana
American Racing Headers $500 off - Central North Florida - Mr. Terry Angelotti
Passport Transport 1/2 off - Western Reserve - Mr. Matt Diehl
Viper Parts Larry 5% off - Nevada - Mr. Bruce Williams
Xtreme Supercars $100 Cert - Virginia/Maryland - Mr. Tony Hudson
Viper Parts Larry 5% off - Crossroads of America - Mr. Chris Stockman
Xtreme Supercars $100 Cert - WV/PA - Mr. Mark Arledge

2017 Renewal Backups
Oklahoma - Mr. Terry Thompson
Northern California - Mr. Richard Forward
Houston - Mr. Mc Arthur Phillips
Northern California - Mr. A. Sterling
Southern California - Mr. Brett Ballard
Mid-South (AR/LA/MS) - Mr. Dolph Williams
South Florida - Mr. Fred Zoller