Hey All,

My father currently lives right outside Denver, and he is having issues with his GTO.

I was wondering if you knew a good reputable shop that would be able to work on his car. It had the motor rebuilt here while he lived in WI, it's over 500hp, since he's been out there, he's done a list of things to get it running, including: fuel pump, larger fuel lines, new carburator(950 Holly), distributor, some other electrical things, and a lot more I am am not aware of. The car still won't run. Once it gets warm it dies/sputters and then just flat out won't run. He is VERY particular of his car, as he's had it since 1981. So any help you can provide of a Shop that would be able to work on it/fix it, that he could trust would be awesome!

Coloviper had gave me one recommendation, just curious what others may been out there and get more opinions.

On a side note, my Dad was home a couple weeks ago, and drove my Viper for the first time. I think he now, FINALLY understands why I have been crazy for this car for so long. Couldn't believe the feel, power, torq and how tight it was tearing through the country side. He has finally been bitten by the snake Then we hung out in my garage and drank Jack all night and talked cars.

Thank you in advance!!