This years WA Viper Club autocross series is as follows:

Saturday, May 13 ViperCross #1 at Packwood, WA (New location for this year; Hampton Lumber Mill yard located at 128xx US Hwy 12, Randle, WA 98377)

Saturday, June 10 Tentative Viper Event - (we lost our Autocross date due to scheduling conflict at the Port so we're planning on something else for this date)

Saturday, July 8 ViperCross #2 at our normal venue - Sanderson Field in Shelton

Saturday, August 19 ViperCross #3 - Sanderson Field

Saturday, September 9 ViperCross #4 - Sanderson Field

We are also invited to join the Corvette Club in their autocross series as well, so plan to make a weekend of it (All at Sanderson Field except Rose City):
Sunday, June 11 NWACC (Corvette Club)

Sunday, July 9 NWACC (Corvette Club)

Sunday, August 5 Rose City Corvette Club autocross in Portland, OR @ PIR

Sunday, August 20 NWACC (Corvette Club)

Sorry for the late notice on #1, I covered Facebook and e-mail but forgot to post here.