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    Convert US ugly door seat belts to Canadian seat belts


    I would like to know if it is doable, without doing any harm to the doors. I would say no but I don't know...

    Trying to find a Canadian-spec Viper but there's not much around, so now I got to look for some US-spec Viper and swap cluster + seat belts + DRL.


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    Could you explain what you mean? I have a canadian GTS, wasnt aware anything was a different with my seatbelts.

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    Never heard anyone complain about "ugly" US spec seat belts. That's laughable for sure.

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    The gen II cars have the seatbelts mounted in the centre, and buckle close to the the Canadian spec gen I RT/10. First gen US spec RT/10s had the seatbelt mount on the doors.

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    I have never seen a Gen1 RT/10 with Seat belts in the centre.
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    Yep, Gen 1 Canada cars had the belts mounted like the later GTS. I considered a Canada Viper prior to getting my '96 RT. I'm sure it had something to do with seat belt law, just like the dopey door mounted belts in the early USA Vipers. If memory serves, it was expected that you'd leave the belts buckeled and simply lift them up upon entry. Remember the ridiculous motorized shoulder belts in some cars?

    When I first got my '96, it needed one of the door stanchions replaced. (The black plastic piece that meets the sport pad) The US part wasn't available, but the Canada part I used one of those, but had to make a hole to attach the shoulder belt.

    So, you'd no doubt need both stanchion covers, rear bulkhead cover, and the retractors. My guess would be that the weld nuts, etc are already in the car to attach the parts. Likely doable, but not sure about parts availability.

    Thinking out loud, i know there was a "plug" to fill the spot on the door panels where the belts come through at the top....and I'd assume something similar at the bottom. I don;t think he door panels were unique...
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    If you reference the ISR section of the '92-'96 parts manual you will be able to determine what is required to make the change.

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    What year are you looking at? I wouldn't think it would matter if the car is over 15 years old??
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    I did this on my 94 last year.

    Off the top of my head:
    -I got the bulk head cheap, so that why I did the swap.
    -the Gen II belts I got off ebay.
    -the car is set up for both style seat belts. When you remove the bulkhead you will see foam tape. The foam tape covers the holes for the center style seat belts.
    -these holes are threaded. I don't recall the size but the bolts are available at homedepot/lowes.
    -the bolts holding the seat belt recepticle which touch the drivers right thigh have thread lock on them and it's a Torx bit, size 50 IIRC. I stripped one and it was a bear to remove.
    -the recepticles will have a wire connected to them. This is for the seat belt chime/dash light. I left these wire where they are and shunted/connected them. No more seat belt warning! If you want to keep the chime you'll need to extend the wires.
    -the spot where the center belt retractors go has a small lip and I used 3 washers on each to make them level. Again, homedepot. I don't recall the size.
    The door:
    -taking the inner panel off isnt hard. Take your time.
    -the door holds two retractors each. I wound up cutting the belts to make it easy.
    -the retractors are held in by 3 or 4 bolts a piece. When you remove them, also remove the threaded clips on the door. They'll rattle like a mofo if you dont. I think I reinstalled the bolts.
    -I removed the speakers as well, I got rid of the radio earlier.
    -the door will be crazy light afterwards.

    If I remember more I'll update.

    I don't have any pics at the moment, I keep the car in a garage a short distance from my place.

    Hope this helps and I hope you go for it.


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    The door panels and stanchions are clean on the BUX (export) version Gen 1s. I installed new BUX panels on my 93 R/T and ran 5-points.



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