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    Intermittent GenIII bogging

    A few weeks ago, was driving my car home from getting my oil changed. The roads were wet, it began sputtering, power loss and stuff like that. Press the gas down, car was very sluggish and then would get a surge of power for a couple seconds and then act up again.

    I changed the battery out for a new one since it seemed to be acting up. Dropping below 12V quickly when car was on ACC. Dropping down to 12V while driving as well.

    Anyways, didn't really have the problem for a little bit but it's appeared again. Drove fine for the last few days/weeks but Tuesday it did it again on my way home. I was putting the car away and decided I'd go for a little drive again and see what was going on. It didn't to it again.

    Another drive, it was running fine and then started acting up again. Passenger side seems to be the issue? That side is doing some backfiring/popping whenever the issue is present. (aside from the regular pops upon decel.)

    Any suggestions? I'm guessing plugs/wires are definitely one suggestion. I JUST changed the plugs yesterday, some of them were pretty rough looking. (Car has 86,000kms on it, its the first time I've changed them since I bought it with 48,000kms.)

    Here are the plugs. Driver side on left, Passenger on right. (The missing plug from that pic is pictured in the next pic)

    As you can see, the rear-most plug on the passenger side was quite wet.

    I'm not getting a CEL or anything when it happens... I tried an OBD-II reader but it wouldn't link up with the car. Not sure it will bring anything up anyways since the car doesn't appear to be throwing any codes.

    The issue happened again today after installing the new plugs too.

    Some history of the car...
    I bought it with stock cats and the Mopar/Borla 2.5" Exhaust on it.

    I added a K&N intake a few years ago and changed the Exhaust to Primary cats only with straight pipes.

    Last fall I gutted the Primary cats, installed new downstream O2 sensors. Got a CEL so I installed 2 spark plug non-foulers in each of those O2 sensors and haven't had the CEL since.

    The car still seems to run as well as ever when the problem isn't present. Pulls strong and fast.

    Anyone run into any problems like this? Any suggestions? I know plug wires should be changed, even though they appear visually alright. I don't want to tackle that job and there are no Viper techs nearby really.
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