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    Rotary Asymmetric two post to lift a Viper

    Considering Buying a 10K lift . I have trucks to lift as well.

    Anyone have the SPOA10-trio lift ?

    The pads go down to just under 4" so I may not need to drive on boards to lift.

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    Might want to take a tape measure just in case. I just bought the Maxjax and its pretty tight on my Viper.
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    Nice looking lift! We have the SPOA10N700 (10,000 lbs) but it only has the 2-stage arms with the flip up adaptors. Getting a Gen 2 or a Gen 5 on there is a no go without race ramps, some lumber and a tense moment or two!

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    Exactly, typically the arms used in the 10k lifts and above are very bulky and hard to get under the car without hitting the arms on the side sills on the way up. You can make it happen it's just a pain

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    I have a Rotary SPOA-10RA 10K Assymetrical with the 3 Stage Arms... I believe these are the lowest arms available.

    It sees usage with the Vipers ( both lowered) and a lowered Lambo

    Works great IF you use these...

    Get two for for the rear

    I have zero issues with the lift when using in conjunction with the race ramps.
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