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    Supercar Breakfast meet and Drive to ww II Bomber Base

    Was out with a few friends on Sunday, we met for Breakfast then drove to Andrews Field aerodrome which in 1942 was the first USAAF base set up in the UK. According to the airfield director B26 light bombers flew out of this field. Sadly the base is almost unrecognizable compared to what it was like in the war years, the main runway is half the size it used to be and the other two runways have been returned to crop fields.

    Here's a few pics

    Driving up to the control tower along the side of the main runway

    A French fighter Jet now resting

    All that is left of the airfield now is the Small Green area on the map, you can see the A airfield set up in WWII on the map

    Heres a pic of one of the bombers

    The historic board signed by pilots and crew visiting over the years.....Not Forgotten

    More information on the History here

    Thanks for looking
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