This kit allows a battery maintenance system (charger) to be quickly and easily plugged in to the battery without opening the hood, trunk, windows, covers, or panels. A connector and associated wiring mounted inside the side gill allows for convenient and hidden battery access.

The SAE 2 Pin Connector is a standard connector that is either directly compatible or adaptable to any battery charger or maintenance system. For many brands adapter harnesses are already available on the market, however, it is easy to create one that will work as needed (contact DSE for support). The SAE 2 pin is a direct connection to Deltran Battery Tender, Optima Digital 400, and others. Adapt to CTEK with the 56-564 Comfort pigtail indicator. Installation of the kit is quick and easy and requires no permanent modification to the Viper.

Connector Flag: Type III Black Anodized Aluminum Hardware: Natural / Black Oxide Stainless steel. Access from the Driver Side Gill

Ordering Information:
DSE-VP-BA-003: Gen V Quick Access Charger Connector Mount and Harness

Wiring Diagram.jpg
Flags Anodized.jpg
Final Fit.jpg