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    Such thing as a "Viper Tech"

    Looking for a service department in North Dakota that at least has a service tech familiar with working on a Viper. No luck. Is it a fair question to ask of the dealerships if they have such a guy or is that not something typical? I would imagine the number of Viper's sold here is next to nothing so I don't blame them or maybe Chrysler doesn't have such a thing? Coming from 30 years of Corvette ownership and not that a Vet tech was something prevalent but there was normally someone up to speed on the latest Gen and whatever that entailed for servicing.
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    The SRT Dealer located used to have Viper logo's next to dealers that had Viper Techs. My dealer doesn't have one per-say but they have one guy who works on vipers that come in. Anything besides brakes and oil changes it goes up to CJ. (Knock on wood I haven't had any issues since picking my Gen V up)

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    I'm just north of ND in Manitoba, and yes, the "Viper Tech" thing is a bit questionable at some dealers up here too. The way I understand it, being a Viper Tech is a matter of taking some computer courses and paying a fee of some sort, from what I have been told. Some dealers don't go for it, but may still have a guy who knows Vipers well enough to do the basic stuff. I've used a couple of different dealers in Winnipeg over the years for oil changes and some recall/warranty stuff, with no problems. Personally, I don't care if they are "certified" to work on Vipers, as long as I trust them.

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