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    Gen II inner front fender weather splash shields

    Tools needed

    2 Replacement fender Splash shields Mopar part number 4708235 (note: same part for left and right)

    Pack of black nylon blind rivets

    Rivet gun

    Small Hacksaw.

    Cleaning spray and rag.

    This is a simple fairly quick job,

    No1 On the underside of the fender cut off the back of the old Nylon rivets with a small hacksaw

    No2 With the back of the rivet removed pull away the splash shield from the fender.

    No3 Clean up the area prior to fitting the replacement splash shields.

    No4 Open the packet of the Nylon rivets, here you can see what the rivet looks like prior to fitting

    Insert the rivets one at a time into the new shield flap and position on fender

    I found my normal rivet gun did not have a large enough hole for the new nylon rivet shaft so found an old rivet gun and drilled out the hole to accept the nylon pin. This saved more expense of having to purchase a nylon rivet tool.

    No5 hold the back of the rivet and using the rivet gun pull up on the pin shaft until it snaps off

    Replace the lower fender rubber back on the fender and you're done

    Looks much better.

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    Amazing Instructional. Thank you for the in depth pictures and how to. Appreciate the time you put into it and the part numbers!
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    Part number and source for the nylon blind rivets were a great help, thanks a lot! I just ordered them.
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