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    my classified ad disappeared Any help

    Hey team,

    looking for some help. I posted an ad in the classifieds section and paid the amount to do so. It populated and I noticed the price was off 480,000 is just a tad high a viper price so I went into the ad and corrected it. Not it's no where to be found. I think it's still out there somewhere I just can no longer find it anywhere.

    Can one of the admins help to retrieve it and place it back in the classifieds section or possibly give me a refund so I can go create another? This happened I believe maybe 30 minutes to an hour ago.

    Any assistance is much appreciated.

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    Check to see if you see it now......
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    I can see it. Thanks again for your help
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    Whitebeard is a true hero! Glad we got it straightened out for you.
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