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    Recommendation for better street or all season tire for 2016 Viper ACR Extreme Pkg

    We have a new 2016 ACR Extreme Pkg Viper, with Kumho track tires. Pirelli does not make a tire I can find for the 2016 Viper ACR. Is there an alternative tire somewhere for this vehicle that gives us more traction? Currently we have Kumho stock track tires 295/25/ZR.19 fronts, and rears are 355/30ZR/ 19. Can someone steer us to a company that makes an alternative tires for this beast.....Thanks, Raj Bellevue WA.

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    No direct size replacement for the fronts. Have to go to a 295/30/19 for fronts and 345/30/19 for rears. Then you can run Hoosiers but may have to run with traction control off due to the computer wheel size calibration. Some cars an issue, some not. Would have to see on yours. The other thing people have been doing is buying new rims for the fronts that are 18". There are only a couple of manufactures that make 18" that will fit over the caliper and they are really close. Like +.060 thousandths. That way you have lots of tires to choose from for the fronts.



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