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    Oil change with front on ramp

    Hey guys,

    As an owner of the extended race ramps I wanted to know if I could successfully change the oil on my 09. In order to get all the oil out or most of it would it have to be done completely leveled or would just the front end up be sufficient? Thanks. Also, once the front end is up on the ramps what method do you guys usually use to raise the rear?

    Here is a photo of the ramp model I have.


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    I've never tried mine on ramps, so I don't know for sure. I've read that the oil pan has a lot of baffling, and it is best to have the car level in order to get as much of the oil out of the pan as you can. You can always try it and see how much oil comes out. The risk would be overfilling if you don't get it all out and just dump in the required 11 quarts.
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    What ever it takes to get her level and in the air.

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    Use the ramps going down hill on your driveway. Bet it would be fairly close to level.

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    never tried it that way I do use low profile ramps but still scrap so i use 2by 4's in front to get it started never had issue getting all 10 qts out but I let it run until it stops dripping too

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    lol... i use a vacuum pump and on the viper it works great. been using them since BMW. no stripping bolt pans or leaking... jack car up to get the filter off and you are done.



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