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    GTS Wanted

    Hey all, I'm going to try a more direct approach. Gonna see a little more of whats out there and get a scope on whats for sale. I'm in the market for a GTS. Right now I want to keep it 96-99 because I'm considering S/C in the future but not initially. I'm not looking for a collector, I'm looking for a driver but something that has been well cared for mileage can be "high" not really looking to purchase with over 100K but 80K and below are strong contenders. ACR typically sell a little to much out of my price range but depending on your price I may consider. Mods are okay, nothing crazy not looking for a tracker. I'm of course VERY interested in the 96-97 B/W but am open minded. You can PM me here so we can set up a phone call and in that event I will have many questions for you regarding condition and care of your vehicle.
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