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    Who s going to NVE3 and wants to road trip together

    Trying to coordinate this via e-mail has been a little difficult, so let's give it a go here.

    Who's driving to NVE3? What's your planned route?

    I'm personally on the fence about whether I want to do it over 2 or 3 days. Due to my health issues, I'm thinking 3 days personally but I understand many will want to do it in 2. I'm fine going solo -- I do a lot of long solo trips.
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    We are towing our car leaving on Sunday. Staying in Corvalis, OR Sunday night, Reno on Monday Night and go onto Vegas on Tuesday.

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    I'm driving, would like to do it in 2 days but no firm plans yet, and no specific route planned out. Wouldn't mind traveling with a group if we can get one together from the Pacific North West.



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