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    New upgraded aluminum radiator announcement

    Could this be the Best Radiator Ever Manufactured for the Dodge Viper?

    Yes it is "THE BEST" according to Viper Parts USA and here is why.

    VPUSA was informed back in June 2016 the radiators for the 1992-2002 model year Vipers were being discontinued. And, more than likely, the 2003-2010 radiator shortly thereafter. Everyone that's ever owned a Viper knows that these vehicles run hot on any given day above 75 deg. F.
    With our extensive experience with World Challenge Comp Coupe radiator construction and supply, we set out to manufacture the best radiator PERIOD.

    Cory Gehling CEO of Viper Parts USA stated. "We tested all of the radiator cores used on every year Viper including the 2013-2017. The test results concluded that OE changes were made for numerous reasons past engine displacement and EPA requirements. The most efficient radiator used to date was the 2013-2017 Viper." With that knowledge, VPUSA set out to manufacture a radiator that exceeds all of the radiators manufactured for any year Viper to date. "We eliminated manufacturing a steel-brass radiator because as it serves as a low cost production and price point, it doesn't last long with the Viper's well known chassis flex. Including the fact that these radiators will get brittle after numerous heat cycles combined with that steel brass-radiators are not the best materials for a heat sink. Even though the plastic-aluminum radiators used from 2003 onward were great improvements, they still suffer from the same age fatigue and chassis flex as the steel-brass. The rubber seal between the plastic tanks and core will start to fail over time."

    Looking at the aftermarket radiators available, most manufacturers supplement inferior cores to have an attractive market price or used epoxy core to tank designs that have similar life expectations as plastic tank sealed radiators. 3 row aftermarket radiators have their own design flaws. These radiators have problems with their core design being too dense for low speed air flow. On top of that, 3 row designed radiators usually back the fan modules into the sway bar or air cleaner housing creating an avalanche of fitment problems.
    Next, VPUSA manufactured the 2013-2017 Gen V Aluminum radiator core to fit the all new aluminum 1992-2010 radiator tanks. Cory says "Our furnace welded cores are 100% aluminum & the best!"

    In summary, we have manufactured a New Designed Aluminum 1992-2010 radiator with the 2013-2017 core design. These new radiators come with increased airflow resistance, dramatically increased fluid core volumes that will outperform all OE specifications which in the end produced.....

    "The Best Radiators Ever Manufactured for your 1992-2010 Viper!"Alum Rad Core Detail.jpg03-10 Alum Radiator.jpg92-02 Alum Radiator.jpg
    Steve & Cory

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    So is this the radiator you are showing on your website for almost $1000? product ref 222 331 200 00

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    $1149 actually, ouch!

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    It's the best radiator ever! You have to pay for "best ever"



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