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    New upgraded fan modules for 1992 2002 vipers

    Viper Parts USA is Proud to announce it has begun manufacturing New Radiator cooling fan Modules that were previously discontinued by the OE Manufacturers. There are 2 New Modules currently being released for the following year Vipers.

    1992 - 1997 with radiator mounted offset fan assy. (see photo)
    1998 - 2002 with radiator mounted center fan assy. (see photo)

    ▪ Direct Fit / replacement for the OEM modules, "YES" the same mounting position and hardware.
    ▪ 17" Fan and motor, 2 speed... "YES" it has a 2 speed motor with the same amperage draw as the OE.
    ▪ Fan Motor CFM flow exceeds OE Specifications.
    ▪ Fan shroud is made from 6061 Aluminum, computer cut, with exactly the same Hi/Low speed air bypass vents.

    Viper Parts USA spent the time and resources to manufacture these fan modules correctly without the compromises other aftermarket products created for the installer and end user. These units mount directly on the radiator with the same fasteners and in the same location as the OE modules.

    Additional benefits...Our new fan shroud strengthens the radiator from chassis/radiator core flex which is the major cause of premature radiator failures. The offset fan modules used from 1992-1997 Dodge Viper were in fact a 16" dia. fan, while our new fan assembly is 17" dia. and exceeds all CFM volume specifications of the old 16" OE fan.
    The NEW Fan Motors have less amperage draw than the OE motors which puts less of a taxing strain on your fan relays and wiring harnesses. Fan Modules come complete with wiring diagrams for your make and model and year of Viper to assist with a proper installation.
    98-02 Fan Module.jpg92-97 Offset Fan Module 2.jpg98-02 Fan Module 2.jpg92-97 Offset Fan Module.jpg
    Steve & Cory

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    How much? Does one flow more air than the other?
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