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    Viper Memorabilia United Way Benefit

    I know many of us had the opportunity to bid on some really awesome Viper memorabilia, from the Conner Avenue Assembly plant, to benefit the United Way. Would be cool to see what our members were able to pickup to preserve our Snakes' history.... post em up and share!
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    I bought a few fixed price items (banner and iphone case). The $5,000 hoods didn't appear to have any bids as of about 9:00pm and you can no longer view the site items.... Curious if they sold..... Great pieces but $5k opening bid seemed steep.... I do have the hood from Mark Martin's 'batman' car that won @ Michigan International Speedway about 10 years ago so I wouldn't have minded adding to my "racecar hood selection".....
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    Hi John. On Facebook there is a link to see the completed auctions. I believe all the Gen 1/2 hoods sold and none of the Gen 3/4. Some crazy prices for many things I have myself.



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