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    Shipping From NVE

    Checking to see if anyone is shipping their Viper from Las Vegas back to the Colorado Springs area after NVE3. I am in the Air Force and have my Viper in storage in Las Vegas while I have been stationed in Korea and Hawaii. I am transferring to Colorado Springs and I am looking to ship my Viper from Vegas to C-Springs and thought their might be others shipping their Vipers back to C-Springs that I could join and/or get info on the shipping company.


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    Let me check my schedule. I might be on the west coast. I am trying to schedule a haul from VA to Boulder first week of May. Your viper might have to stay in storage a bit lo get for me to get to vegas
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    Not sure if C Springs might be "north enough" to entice you to bring my car up to Montana after NVE?

    Never hurts to ask...
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    Thanks Frank, let me know...

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    It might....I have to be in Arkansas May 3...I would like to head home to carlisle for a few days to pay bills and check in on
    other company. If everyone can wait 1 week to 10 days i'm sure i can work it in my schedule.
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