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    Roll Call

    *Edit - see comment below from Alex Mills
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    We have a private FB group here:

    We also have a site that I need to keep more up to date:

    Every Saturday year round, there's a car meet in Wilsonville at the World of Speed Museum called Cars & Coffee. Starts at 8am and usually runs to around 10. This summer we're going to be trying to get some extra Vipers out there the first Saturday of each month. I'm currently dealing with a bunch of medical issues (cancer) but normally I'm out there most Saturdays and I know a few other folks try to make it out each Saturday as well.
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    That SW Oregon guy wth a few local Viper friends is ME! I’m in Brookings, Oregon. I’ll have my Gen 3 later this year, god willing and the crick don’t rise.



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