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    Hi All,

    Just signed up to the forum as it seems to have a wealth of information in regards to the Viper.
    I am looking for the best advise on where to start looking for a Dodge, preferably Gen 2 onwards.
    Massive fan of the GTS and blue with 2 white stripes.

    What did you guys do? Import or buy in the UK?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    I've imported 2 Mustangs in 1998 and again in 2005, it was worthwhile back then, when the $/ exchange was better for us. I saved money on both occasions rather than buying in the UK.

    The current exchange rate means its much more expensive these days, so its better to buy in the UK.

    Rough cost is:-
    (A) Transporting the car to the port
    (B) Price of car+Marine insurance+Shipping
    (C) Once here, add 10% to 'B' for the import duty
    (D) Then add 20% VAT to 'C' - That's right, one tax upon another tax
    (E) Cost of changing the lighting to UK spec
    (F) IVA test (if under 10 years old) or MOT, plus registration

    Problem will be finding a Viper in the UK to your spec, it may involve a lengthy wait, although there have been a few GTS's available in the last year in Blue/White. One long term UK car did sell and went abroad, so there's one less in the gene pool now!

    I got lucky with my Gen 3 and bought in the UK 3 years ago. Baz (UK President) seems to know most cars in the UK and when they maybe up for sale, before being advertised

    Good luck in your search


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    I currently know of three Vipers for sale

    1997 GTS
    2001 GTS ACR
    2005 SRT roadster
    2002 supercharged Gen 2 (fantastic car)

    Feel free to message me

    Support Tators Garage
    09 solid white HardCore ACR



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