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    Have they opened up the tranny yet? I wiped out 2nd gear in mine and the parts (if you can find them) needed to fix are well over $1k. The gen3 T56 uses a one piece countershaft instead of the 2-piece shaft in earlier versions. Also in mid-year 2005 the gears and countershaft changed to straighter cut gears, so there are 2 different part numbers for gears and shafts in a gen 3 T56.
    They did. The whole thing is destroyed. Everything needs to be replaced. He send me pics and it was painful to look at, lol. Least I'll have a brand new tranny. $3k now, but what do you do...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMadMachinist View Post
    It's good to have friends in the right places.

    I ws thinking of maybe getting a couple one of these days.
    Yes it is...

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    Quote Originally Posted by migkompressor View Post
    Sorry for the attitude. I drank a lil bit. I was a bit upset, lol. Thank you for the replies.
    I do the same thing all of the time on social media when I get ignored-- it must be a thing Viper owners have? Don't worry about it bro and I am sure you'll be back to a1 condition shortly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Track Pack View Post
    Sorry to hear. I’ve not had any tranny issues to lend advice. Good luck with repair.
    Thank you sir. I'm told it will be like new, so hopefully I'll have years of worry free driving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by migkompressor View Post
    $3k now, but what do you do...?
    You do the conversion to Magnum T56 (Rockland calls it Tranzilla). replaces guts with TR6060 components.
    Or cheap out like I did and get a used trans for about $2k.

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    OP, where did you buy your car from? I would be surprised if the previous owner had no clue the trans was about to go.

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