All -

Every week, I seem to report at least ONE Viper that is for sale on Autotrader as fraudulent for at least a year. The one I reported today is using the same picture of a Gen II picture from California for the 3rd or 4th time. I have reported each time and contacted the former owner. 1st, the vehicle was sold 3 months ago. 2nd, the technology exists to scan and flag pictures as duplicates etc. Autotrader continually refuses to put safeguards in place to protect sellers and buyers. Whether this is the information posted by sellers (vehicle pictures or seller contact information) or buyers (providing contact information) that is scraped and used for illegitimate purposes.

So you may want to sell for vehicle elsewhere, limit your vehicles exposure on the site (minimize pics that are tough to re-purpose, eliminate the VIN and provide only to vetted buyers, understand your information as a buyer can go elsewhere, and be careful with this and any public site when buying.

I have another car up and have done the above and 1 in 10 responses is legit at best. I have yet to provide the VIN, extra pictures, or have someone call me when they contact me thru email or text. Now, maybe its just me, but the advice of seller/buyer be ware is warranted.

Thank you for letting me vent