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    Vipers are so hard to rack miles up on. In Houston we get random rain all the time that makes me not want to grab the keys as much as I should. Also, jumping on I45 is basically a gamble every time between the ladders flying at you "twice", random bricks "blasted the hood of my Surpa", and a boat driving itself down the freeway. It's mad max out here. Honestly, finding it a VERY hard car to drive out here. But when I do, damn is it fun
    Good luck with the next toy :-)

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    In Houston a few months ago in a rental car on I45. A ladder came off a truck in front of me and tore up the front of the rental car so bad it was disabled and had to be towed. One of the ladder rungs was sticking out the parking light socket.

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    The car got picked up this morning! I still have 2 - Rear Corsa Tires left.

    Sold - 2015 Billet Silver Viper GTC - Arrow Controller, Viper Exchange lowering caps, TA Sway bars, Belanger Catback

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris_lee View Post
    Vipers are so hard to rack miles up on.
    I'm sorry guys! Back in 2001 in my Gen II I put 20,000 miles in 1 year on it, my first Gen V in 2 years I put 18,000 miles on it even having surgery and not being able to drive it for 3 months. My current Gen V was bought in April with 2500 miles on it and I just say its up to 7,5XX today in Az.!

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