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    NOOB PPF questions

    On my Gen 5, I have some poorly installed PPF on the impact areas of the car. I have given consideration to wrapping the entire car with something like xpel stealth or stek dynomatt, to give it a trendy matte finish, and obviously protect the paint.

    Being I am thinking of a matte PPF, should I get a paint polish/correction completed or just get the paint decontaminated and then wrapped....with a ceramic coating over the wrap? Or something else?

    I appreciate the information because when I plan to go in to get this done I could get filled full of shit and pay for garbage I don't TIA!
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    Hmmm, I've never seen ceramic over a matte finish.
    My '16 has Opticoat Pro Plus on it and the "plus" part was to give it a wet look due to some complaining the original opticoat pro was dulling their shiny paint look.
    ** It is a 2 step process so perhaps you could try a sample piece with just the 1st stage ceramic (omitting the plus) and see if the matte doesn't look too shiny?

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    Not sure about ceramic over matt, but I have never heard of a good shop applying ppf without paint correction.. Even on a new car.



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