Come learn how to drive your Viper in a controlled and safe environment. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn your cars limits with out Police, traffic and other distractions you find on the road.

Peter and Jeniffer Miller have offered to open a race weekend to our members, at Inde Motorsports, 9301 W. Airport Rd, Willcox, AZ 85643 - Friday Oct. 19. This is a none VOA event.

Inde has agreed to allow the Viper Club to be on Track all day Friday Oct 19. Here are the relevant details:

Track goes hot approx. 9am.
Track closes not later than 5pm. Sometimes, depending weather, the track might close as early as 4pm.

Of course if it’s wet we will need to reschedule.

VOA Drivers of ANY skill level are welcome. When club members are on track it will be exclusively us. There may be other members or guests at the track that day. If there are, Inde will split time between VOA and the others, for example we get 30 mins at top of the hour, others get 30 mins at bottom of the hour. When VOA members are on track it will be only Vipers. If there are bikes or open wheel cars these get put in discrete groups as well for safety reasons. In any case I’m sure we’ll have plenty of track time for all.

Anyone going on track (driver or passenger) MUST have closed toe shoes and SA2015 or better (meaning something new-ish) helmet. No exceptions here. The track has loaner helmets, if anyone needs one please advise in advance so we can have them on hold. Long pants, gloves and long sleeve shirts are recommended, but not mandatory.

All drivers are responsible for any damage caused by their actions…i.e. damage to the Inde facility, barriers, etc and any damage to other cars that may be involved should an incident occur. Inde assumes no liability and each guest will sign forms to that affect.

Track day insurance may be a good idea…folks can check out Lockton Motorsports and similar providers.

Inde has fuel (90, 100, 110 Octane) available for purchase as needed. 90 Octane is $5 per gallon, 100 and 110 are $10 per gallon.

Added incentive…there is a joint McLaren / Porsche event Sat/Sun 20-21. It’s very likely we see some very cool McLaren’s showing up Friday afternoon. Those cars are bad ass!

Track fees:

First 5 to confirm can drive on track at $0 cost as my guests. (ALL GUEST SPOTS ARE GONE)
All others who drive on track have to pay $200 daily fee to drive on track


There are limited accommodations on site Inde for Thursday night. We’ll book these first come / first serve basis. Whomever confirms to me by email they want a room gets one. Once they’re gone they’re gone. Next best bet is Holiday Inn Express Wilcox. Mention Inde for a special rate, usually around $99.

Rooms at Inde are $225 and include one lunch (Friday) and one dinner (depending arrival time Thursday night).

There is a 1BR studio casita room, believe this is a queen bed.
There are 2BR’s in the apartment located in the big barn. Both beds are King size.
There are 2BR’s in the small house located at turn 6. Believe these are both king beds as well.
So essentially we have room for 5 couples….first come, first serve.
I’ve stayed in all of these places…they are all just fine…clean, comfortable, nice restrooms.


The best restaurant in Wilcox is Inde Motorsports. Best food and by far the best hospitality. We will need to advise Inde how many to expect at each meal, so as folks confirm they will attend lets also be sure to take note of meal plans. Prices are:

$25 Non-member dinner (Thursday depending arrival time) [Included with Casita rental]
$20 Non-member lunch (Friday) [Included with Casita rental]
$12 Non-member breakfast (Friday)

That’s everything. We did this last March and had an absolute blast. Hoping for a good turn out again.

Please e-mail Peter and Debbie your intention you are going at: and

Newbies can get some ride along coaching with me, Jen and any other members and we’ll also do some lead-follow to help everyone get comfortable. Should be a great time for all.